A Conversation on Coping with Grief and Loss

In this conversation, Balanced You, King County Metro Wellness and Employee Assistance Program talk about the grief and loss many of our frontline employees have experienced during the pandemic.

Learn how grief doesn’t just pertain to a death but also can be the loss of connection, relationships, work and more. In addition, learn about cultural differences in how grief and loss are processed and what you can do to support your colleagues who may have different experiences than you. Click the image to watch this webinar:


  • Janine Anzalota, Strategic Planning Mgr Organizational Health & Development, King County Metro Transit
  • De’Sean Quinn, Interim Assistant GM for Strategy and Partnerships, Office of Equity, Inclusion and Belonging King County Metro Transit
  • Heather Steffensen, LMHC, Employee Assistance Manager, King County Department of Human Resources


  • Karla Clark, Employee Health Specialist, Balanced You, King County Department of Human Resources

If you are a loved one are needing extra support, download the Grief Support Resources for King County employees.

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  1. This conversation covers many issues and topics which are relevant to me and my work place and I feel inspired by the panels stories, suggestions and insight! Thank you all for speaking about your personal experiences and sharing your wisdom on how we can be better people for ourselves, for our families and friends and for King County!

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