Healthy eating during the coronavirus response

Now that you have stocked up on groceries, you may be wondering how to best use all the rice and beans you bought and what recipes will boost your immune system. Balanced You has got you covered. There’s no better support for your immune system than sleeping well, exercising, managing your stress, washing your hands,... Continue Reading →

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Telecommuting with children at home

To slow the spread of coronavirus, all King County employees who can telecommute should now be telecommuting. Because K-12 schools have closed, King County is temporarily allowing parents and caretakers to telecommute while caring for children at home. Telecommuting with children at home is a new experience for most employees and can present its own... Continue Reading →

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Caring for children during the coronavirus response

The evolving coronavirus outbreak in our community has been difficult for everyone to process. Each of us is experiencing some degree of anxiety or stress in the face of this pandemic. Children process stress differently than adults and are uniquely affected by the way we talk about the virus, images in the media, and changes... Continue Reading →

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Taking care of ourselves during a pandemic

It is a challenging time for employees, families, and our community as we continue our efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus, and it is normal to have feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. While many things are beyond our control with this outbreak, there are many things that we can control. When we are anxious... Continue Reading →

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Self-care tips for telecommuters during the coronavirus response

As King County responds to the coronavirus (COVID-19), many employees have been asked to telecommute as a form of “social distancing” to reduce the community risk of coronavirus transmission. Furthermore, the CDC has recently issued guidance that everyone minimize time spent in large groups, and that immune-compromised, chronically ill, and older adults stay home as... Continue Reading →

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[Update: 2020 Worksite Fund temporarily paused due to coronavirus] Apply now! 2020 Worksite Fund

Update: The 2020 Worksite Fund application period has been temporarily paused while King County focuses its efforts on stopping the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). An updated application deadline will be announced at a later date. Employees are invited to continue brainstorming Worksite Fund projects during this time. Please reach out to with questions... Continue Reading →

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Telehealth options now available for Regence and Kaiser members

Balanced You knows getting to the doctor’s office isn’t always easy. That’s why King County employees and family members enrolled in Regence and Kaiser medical plans now have access to a convenient option for health care: telehealth visits that allow you to access board-certified, trained medical providers using your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, without... Continue Reading →

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Resolved to stress less in 2020? Check out a mindfulness class

Would you like to stress less this year? Give one of our popular mindfulness classes a try! Balanced You has partnered with Mindfulness Northwest to offer classes at county worksites, online, or in the community. Classes are available to King County employees free-of-charge, subject to availability. See the January to March 2020 calendar below. Mindfulness... Continue Reading →

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2020 Worksite Fund application coming soon!

In 2019, Balanced You funded the second year of the Worksite Fund mini-grant, an opportunity for employees around the County to apply to make healthy changes in their workplace. Employees helped us learn about the work they do and shared creative ideas to improve health, well-being and safety at their worksites. Altogether, we received over... Continue Reading →

Increase your financial wellness with My Secure Advantage. Sign up before Feb. 14, 2020 to be entered into a raffle!

Balanced You knows that financial wellness is important to you and your well-being. As such, we have partnered with My Secure Advantage (MSA), a financial wellness program that is available free-of-charge to King County employees. As a King County employee, you are eligible for 90 days of confidential, unbiased money coaching through MSA every year.... Continue Reading →

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