Transition Debriefing Groups offered to support COVID-19 responders

Many King County employees who are COVID-19 responders have experienced or are currently experiencing transitions out of their response role. Transitioning out of your role as a responder can feel like a type of loss, and loss can bring grief. Employees who are experiencing transition grief may feel complex feelings such as anxiety, sadness, or relief, all of which are normal and sometimes challenging responses.

To support King County employees in transition, Balanced You is partnering with the Employee Assistance Program to provide three Transition Debriefing Groups for employees who are currently or previously involved in the COVID-19 response. In these groups, you will connect with others to share experiences, strategies, and resources for moving through response transitions in a way that honors your emotional well-being. Employees are invited to attend one group or more if they’re interested. No registration is required.

These groups will serve two types of responders:

  1. COVID-19 responders transitioning out of the response
  2. COVID-19 responders transitioning into a new role within the response
  3. People who have already transitioned out of their role as COVID-19 responders

The Transition Debriefing Groups will be held August 5, 9, and 13, from 12:00-1:00 p.m. via Zoom. Login info is as follows:

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Passcode: 605644

For more information, contact

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