Teams-based Debriefing Groups for stress and coping available for frontline employees and employees involved in the COVID response

Engaging in emergency response and working on the frontline during emergencies is inevitably stressful for King County employees. While the work is rewarding, the long hours, breadth of demands, and exposure to human suffering can be difficult for even the most seasoned responder. What are Debriefing Groups Team-based Debriefing Groups are spaces to connect with... Continue Reading →

Fall schedule: Drop-in groups for stress and coping available for BIPOC employees who are frontline and/or involved in the COVID response

BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) employees who are front-line and/or involved in the COVID response are invited to join hour-long group drop-in sessions to process stress, connect with others, and share coping strategies. These groups are voluntary for employees. The groups are hosted on Zoom and facilitated by Mary Norman and Tierra Lovelace,... Continue Reading →

A Conversation on Coping with Grief and Loss

In this conversation, Balanced You, King County Metro Wellness and Employee Assistance Program talk about the grief and loss many of our frontline employees have experienced during the pandemic. Learn how grief doesn’t just pertain to a death but also can be the loss of connection, relationships, work and more. In addition, learn about cultural... Continue Reading →

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