Health Hero Keith Clarke finds community in the Veterans & Military Affinity Group

This Health Hero is spotlighting Affinity Groups. Affinity Groups can boost mental health and well-being through community among people with shared interests or identities. They offer a space to connect, network and find support and fellowship. Connection through Affinity Groups can support personal and professional growth and promote equity and social justice.

Keith Clarke joined King County through the Veteran Fellows Program. He is an ESJ Educator with the Learning and Development team in the Department of Human Resources (DHR). In this video, Keith talks about his experience joining King County and the shared community he’s found in the Veterans and Military Affinity Group.

Video: Meet Health Hero Keith Clarke

Interviewer karla Clarke on the left side and interviewee Keith Clarke on the right side

We want to hear your stories! If you have a Health Hero story or want to suggest a fellow co-worker you know to be a Health Hero please send us an email. Health Heroes can be anyone who has used a King County or Balanced You resource to nurture their well-being  See past Health Hero stories on the Balanced You blog.

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