Alleviate Financial Stress with My Secure Advantage

Balanced You has partnered with My Secure Advantage (MSA) to provide a complete financial wellness benefit to all employees. By connecting with a personal Money Coach, you can build a stronger and more secure future no matter where you are in your financial journey.

3 Important Things to Know

❶ No two stories are alike, and your financial strategies shouldn’t be either

With MSA, you have access to a dedicated Money Coach for 90 days each year at no cost to you to talk about any financial topic. It could be about creating a budget, increasing your credit score, paying down debt or all three! Maybe you’ve got questions about planning for retirement, buying a home, or creating an investment plan. Whatever your financial focus or challenge, MSA has credentialed, skilled Coaches who can help.

❷ Confidentiality and a real person to guide and support your goals

Think of your Coach as a personal financial guide, accountability partner, and chief motivator. Together you’ll create a plan that embodies your values, priorities, and goals – one that reflects and works with your life. MSA encourages your spouse/partner to join in the conversations too. All sessions are confidential, over the phone and 30 minutes long.

❸ No out-of-pocket cost, hidden fees or charges

This is a benefit King County covers completely, with no charge to employees. MSA’s coaches don’t work on commission or sell any products. When you talk with a Money Coach, you can be sure that you’re getting unbiased, judgment-free guidance.

Win a $50 gift card!

Complete any of the following actions and be entered into a raffle to win a $50 gift card from MSA:

  • Attend any live webinars or forums from MSA
  • Take an online Financial Assessment
  • Complete two or more 30-minute coaching consultations

What King County Employees are saying about MSA:

“Just finished my series of sessions with the advisor, very helpful and motivating for me to take action!” – Ashley

“John is always so pleasant and helpful. It’s been great having his expertise and encouragement to help me get a handle on my finances.” – Kaila

“Fantastic customer support. Spoke with a knowledgeable and friendly tax consultant. Recommend this to everyone that needs financial tech assistance.” – Sue

To get started, visit or give them a call at 888-874-7290.

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