Meet new employee and Health Hero, Amber Heyward

For Black History Month, Balanced You is excited to recognize our many talented Black employees in different bodies of work around the county. 

Welcome new county employee, Amber Heyward. With a background in HR, Learning and Development and Organizational Development, she started at King County four months ago as an Organizational Development practitioner. In this video she talks about her team’s goal to build equitable and enjoyable workplaces and why she was drawn to government work and King County specifically. 

Watch this video to learn more about Amber. (Click image to start video).

We want to hear your stories! If you have a Health Hero story or want to nominate a fellow co-worker you know to be a Health Hero please send us an email. Health Heroes can be anyone who has used a King County or Balanced You resource to nurture their well-being. See past Health Hero stories. Contact us:

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