Favorite Healthy Thing

My newest favorite thing is Words-With-Friends.  It is scrabble game you can play on your phone, ipad, droid tablet, mobile web or facebook.  It's so super fun!  You can have many games going at once with many different people.  If the word you put on the board is not a word, it will reject it... Continue Reading →

Ruth’s Favorite Thing

Today's post is from Ruth Hultengren, a long time King County employee who has been talking about her experience with Tom Douglas' new cookbook.  Today it's our favorite (maybe-not-so-healthy) thing. "This is my new favorite thing.  I just baked the coconut pie for my son’s birthday and it was sooooo good – worth every calorie. ... Continue Reading →

Healthy Favorite Things

Boots.  I love boots.  This year, I see many, many people wearing boots.  My favorites are my brown cowboy boots.  I bought them in a thrift store in 1986, for $25.  I can't believe I still have them and wear them.  The other day, while I was riding light rail to work, a woman asked... Continue Reading →

Favorite Healthy Things

French Pressed high quality coffee.  Yum.  This is definitely one of my favorite things. It's even better when I get the opportunity to sit down a drink a cup with my husband. My favorite coffee comes from Africa.  Probably the very, very best cup of coffee I have ever had was Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. It's hard... Continue Reading →

Today, this is my very favorite thing

From the Stranger: Judge Craighead: The King County Superior Court judges have learned that Seattle City Hall was unable to accommodate all of the couples who wish to wed on Sunday, December 9th. Some of our judicial officers have volunteered to come to the King County Courthouse on their own time on Sunday to do... Continue Reading →

Favorite Things

One of my very, very favorite things in the world are books.  The most indulgent weekend for me is to hike somewhere remote and spend a few days just reading and reading.  The trick is, though, to have the right reading material.  Because, of course, not all books are equal. This year, I read a... Continue Reading →

My Headlamp – A Favorite Thing

It's so simple - a light where you need it with no hands.  And now they're so affordable (I saw a pack of 3 for $10 at Costco - and they included an emergency strobe function, also good for impromptu Raves by the campfire).  You can keep one in every car, closet and jacket.  Maybe... Continue Reading →

Parks Pass – A Favorite Thing

Whether I am going on an outing near or far, a parks pass is one of my Favorite Things. I have both an "All Agency Pass" that works in National Parks, National Forests, DNR lands and others.  It is something I buy every year to support our national parks and also to gain access to... Continue Reading →

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