Healthy Favorite Things

Boots.  I love boots.  This year, I see many, many people wearing boots.  My favorites are my brown cowboy boots.  I bought them in a thrift store in 1986, for $25.  I can’t believe I still have them and wear them.  The other day, while I was riding light rail to work, a woman asked me if she could  take a photo of my boots.  If course I said “sure” and then felt compelled to tell her the

My most recent pair of boots came from the cowboy store in Pendleton, Oregon.  The are Red. and Awesome. I love wearing them.

I also love my Patagonia boots.  They are made from recycled materials, and are great with jeans.

Among my collection are ski boots, hiking boots, Sorel boots, rain boots, clamming boots, boots for walking the dog in the mud….rather amazing how many different boots I have.

Do you have a pair of boots you love?  Share them.

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