Financial resources for King County employees

COVID-19 has resulted in urgent financial needs for many households. Fortunately, there are ways King County employees can receive financial help. Read on for more information. New access to Deferred Compensation Plan accounts If you are a member of the King County Deferred Compensation Plan through T. Rowe Price, you may be eligible to access... Continue Reading →

Emotional well-being resources for Black communities

Over the past two weeks, we have witnessed continued harm to Black bodies and minds, harm that has been perpetuated for generations via institutions, policies, and laws in every community throughout the United States. The combined impact of police violence, a pandemic disproportionately affecting People of Color, and centuries of systemic racism places undue stress... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Month week four: Supporting others

For the last week of Mental Health Month, Balanced You is focusing on the topic “supporting others.” Widening our view from self-care to collective care by supporting others’ mental health is important, especially during the ongoing pandemic, which has increased stress for so many. While you may not be able to fix someone’s mental well-being,... Continue Reading →

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