My Headlamp – A Favorite Thing


It’s so simple – a light where you need it with no hands.  And now they’re so affordable (I saw a pack of 3 for $10 at Costco – and they included an emergency strobe function, also good for impromptu Raves by the campfire).  You can keep one in every car, closet and jacket.  Maybe that’s a bit extreme.

This time of year, my headlamp is one of my favorite things. I wear it nightly to walk the dog.  Though it’s nice to see the cracks on the sidewalk, it’s more a way to be seen than to see. I’m continually amazed at how drivers don’t see walkers at night.

When it’s not on a walking route, my headlamp travels with me.  Have you ever stayed at a B&B where there’s only one bedside table?  My headlamp is my reading light.  My stepdaughter used it over thanksgiving to sneak into the rental hot tub late at night and take snacks from the kitchen – I’m sure only healthy ones.

Besides being immensely useful, my headlamp brings back mushy memories of climbing Rainier many years ago.  The headlamps over the Cowlitz glacier looked like fireflies in the night.  Each light represented an individual: someone trying a new adventure, exploring their physical and mental strength, completing a goal that was both personal and philanthropic.  Each person getting in touch with individual boundaries while tied to a team – a fine balance of cooperation and internal motivation.


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