Parks Pass – A Favorite Thing

Whether I am going on an outing near or far, a parks pass is one of my Favorite Things.

I have both an “All Agency Pass” that works in National Parks, National Forests, DNR lands and others.  It is something I buy every year to support our national parks and also to gain access to some of the most amazing places in our state.

The annual pass will set you back $80, but if you have some extra time on your hands, there are many volunteer opportunities available to earn a pass.   Annual Parks Pass
The other pass that is a necessity for visiting the great outdoors in our local area is the “Discover Pass”.  This pass gains you entry to any park or area managed by Washington State Parks.  In our recent budget hacking here in Washington, parks went on the blocks.  They are no longer funded through taxes and now must find new ways to survive.

You can buy a Discover Pass when you renew your car license tabs (which will save you $5) or you can buy them online or at a dealer (some stores sell them).


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