Favorite things

Thanks to Oprah, this is the time of year we think of and talk about Favorite things. We will be sharing our healthy favorite things for the month of December….starting right now!  If you have a favorite thing, please let us know!

One of my top, top favorite healthy things is my Patagonia puffy pullover.  Here are the reasons I love it:

1. The color.  It’s bright, bold and fun!

2.  It’s warm and light.  The whole jacket stuffs into the chest pocket.

3.  It holds up well when it’s wet and is light enough to still be comfortable under rain gear.

4.  So far, it’s held up really well.  I have had mine for several years and have put it through the ringer.

5.  The chest pocket is perfect for my Ipod.

Patagonia nano-puff
Patagonia nano-puff



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