Favorite Healthy Thing

My newest favorite thing is Words-With-Friends.  It is scrabble game you can play on your phone, ipad, droid tablet, mobile web or facebook.  It’s so super fun!  You can have many games going at once with many different people.  If the word you put on the board is not a word, it will reject it immediately.  The game keeps score for you, tells you whose turn it is, and when one player has won, it’s game over….no discussion.


There are also apps you can add that will help you!  There is word helper, and scrabble helper.  These can come in quite handy, but some might feel this is cheating.

I am probably late to this game, given it was created by Zinga  (of  farmville fame).  It’s really nice to have a fun game you can play anywhere at any time!

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  1. My new favorite healthy thing is without a doubt the HBO miniseries Weight of the Nation. Though it sounds corny it literally changed my life. That motivated me to join the weight watchers at work program and I could not be happier with the support and the results.

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