Balanced You mindfulness class schedule for winter 2022

Balanced You is partnering once again with Mindfulness Northwest to offer free mindfulness classes and workshops to King County employees. All classes are held live on Zoom.

“COVID-brain” is a term used colloquially to describe the fatigue and forgetfulness our minds are experiencing as a result of the stress and anxiety from the ongoing pandemic. Mindfulness is a practice that can help you quiet your mind, find focus and reduce some of the mental strain we are all going through. Mindfulness can support you in reducing stress at work and at home.

This winter, we have classes for all employees that will teach techniques such as how to meet anxiety with mindfulness, mindful self-compassion and more.

Mindfulness classes for all King County employees

These classes are open to all employees. Each class is a one-time event.

Here is a list of upcoming spring classes, along with their registration links. You will receive a Zoom link from Balanced You the day before the event.

Class titleDateTimeRegistration
Mindful RelationshipsMon, Feb. 1411 a.m. – 1 p.m.Register here
Intro to Mindfulness: Self CompassionTues, Feb. 15 3 – 5 p.m.Register here
Mindful Approach to Pandemic FatigueFri, Feb. 2510 a.m. – 12 p.m.Register here
Mindful CommunicationMon, Feb. 2812 – 2 p.m.Register here
Mindful LeadershipWed, March 22 – 4 p.m.Register here
Intro to MindfulnessMon, March 712 – 2 p.m.Register here
Intro to Mindfulness: Self CompassionWed, March 93 – 5 p.m.Register here
Mindful MovementWed, March 97 – 8 p.m.Register here
Mindfulness: Emotional ResilienceMon, March 142 – 4 p.m.Register here
Mindful LeadershipTues, March 1511 a.m. – 1 p.m.Register here
Mindful CommunicationTues, March 222 – 4 p.m.Register here
Mindful ParentingMon, March 282 – 4 p.m.Register here
Meeting Anxiety with MindfulnessThurs, March 3112 – 2 p.m.Register here

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  1. Though the mindfulness classes look wonderful, it’s hard for me to fit a 2-hour class into my work day. Will any of the classes be recorded? Thanks.

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