Diabetes Prevention and Diabetes Management with Omada

This year, try a new approach to healthy habits with Omada, a personalized program that surrounds you with the tools and support you need to reach your health goals, whether that’s preventing diabetes, managing diabetes, or improving your overall health. King County offers Omada to help you build healthy habits that stick, one small change at a time.

You’ll receive the Diabetes Prevention Program free if you or eligible covered family members are enrolled in any King County medical plan, are 18 or older, and at risk for Type 2 diabetes.   

In addition to the Diabetes Prevention Program, Regence offers the Omada Diabetes Management Program at no cost for their members living with diabetes.

With Omada, you will:

  • Reach your health resolutions with a dedicated health coach.
  • Create a plan that fits your lifestyle, based on proven scientific methods.
  • Access resources to help guide you.

Visit omadahealth.com/kingcounty to get started.

Omada Diabetes Prevention Program

The Omada Diabetes Prevention Program is open to employees and family members age 18+ who are covered by a King County medical plan, including Kaiser Permanente’s Smart Care, Regence KingCare, and Regence KingCare Select.

The online program provides you with the tools and support you need to reach your health goals, whether that’s losing weight or improving your overall health.

Omada Diabetes Management Program for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

The Omada Diabetes Management Program is open to employees and family members age 18+ who are covered by the Regence KingCare and Regence KingCare Select medical plans who have a diagnosis of Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

The Omada Diabetes Management Program provides 24/7 access to support and tools to help you say on top of diabetes.

(Please note, the Kaiser SmartCare medical plan provides a similar diabetes management program to their members. If you’re enrolled in SmartCare, call or chat with your care team to learn more.)

3 steps to change a habit with Omada

Your daily habits influence a lot—how you eat, sleep, your energy, and even how you feel. With Omada, your health coach works with you through one-on-one conversations to build a flexible plan to help you rethink your health habits and reach your goals, one step at a time.

Looking to change a habit this year? Try this approach:

  • Make a list

Think about your daily routine and write down things you do daily that you might want to change, like skipping breakfast, or sitting for hours without a break, or drinking a soda every afternoon.

  • Choose one habit to change

Pick one habit to change and make a simple plan. For example, swap out an afternoon sugary drink with water. To move more, go for a 15-minute walk at lunchtime.

  • Commit to seven days

Focus on the new habit for the next seven days. If you miss a day, forgive yourself, and simply start over.

BONUS: Join Omada and get extra support, guidance, and accountability to meet your goals.

If you engage with your Omada coach or community in the first week of the program, you are approximately 94% more likely to achieve your health goals in the program.

Claim your benefit to get paired with your professional health coach.

Learn more at: omadahealth.com/kingcounty

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