Health Hero Jamie Holter found a way to “springboard” her way to fitness

Whether it’s swimming or biking to work, King County Superior Court Communications Manager Jamie Holter is dedicated to exercising regularly. Jamie, who has been active her entire life, was interested in switching up her regular routine to take up Pilates. “As I get older I realize how important it is to do strength training. Pilates is something I’ve been wanting to do but it is so expensive,” said Holter.

An email about available health and wellness discounts caught Jamie’s attention. Bodytonic Pilates is one studio that partners with Balanced You and it’s near Jamie’s office. “Springboard Pilates at Bodytonic Pilates is just what I was looking for and it was nice to be able to do it at an affordable price with the health and wellness discount offered by my employer.” Holter stated. “In addition to a great workout, the studio is only a few blocks from work which makes it convenient for me,” continued Holter.

Life is often stressful with work demands, bills, family, and more. Jamie says that, although she enjoys the physical aspect of exercising, a big part of it is mental for her. “I would say working out is 70 percent mental and 30 percent physical for me,” said Holter. “I’m able to relieve stress or clear my head to think ahead about what tasks I need to get done while exercising,” Holter stated.

When asked what advice she would give someone who isn’t yet as dedicated to working out as she is, Jamie offered this advice. “Do something each day toward your goal. If you want to ride your bike to work, start by riding down the block. Then a few blocks more. And don’t let anyone push you. Whatever type of exercise you do, do it at your own pace,” Holter said.

Learn more about available health and wellness discounts. In addition, several King County employee worksites have activity centers equipped with various types of exercise equipment.

Balanced You wants to hear from you. If you or someone you know is a Health Hero, let us know!

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