South Treatment Plant activity center gets a facelift

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Summer is here, which is usually a motivator to get in shape, stay in shape or take steps to live a healthier lifestyle. For many King County employees who have very physical jobs, getting appropriate exercise is important to the work that they do. Balanced You maintains Activity Centers in over 15 King County worksites. These convenient spaces are for King County employees to get moderate levels of physical activity.

Recently, the King County South Treatment Plant activity center went through an amazing transformation. Employees wanted more space in their activity center, so the Balanced You team jumped into action and worked with consultant Vivecorp to make some changes.

Celeste Schoenthaler, Employee Health and Well-Being Senior Program Development Manager and her team worked diligently with South Treatment Plant Activity Center coordinators Chris Tinnin and Chad Clay to ensure employees would be happy with the results and have a workout space they needed. “We want our employees to have a workout space where they feel comfortable and have the equipment they need to meet their goals,” said Celeste.

South treatment plan_02Sometimes it only takes a few changes to make a big difference. For example, the older equipment at South Treatment Plant that is typically used to target specific muscle groups was replaced with compact equipment such as a Smith Machine, which allows you to work several different areas of the body on one piece of equipment. Cardio is also something important to overall health, so new cardio equipment was also added. Other changes included adding a mat rack so mats could be stored on the wall and not on the floor. Small changes such as more compact equipment and moving some items to the wall allow for more floor space to move around to the different areas of the center.

Balanced You is here to support your workout needs! For a list of King County employee activity centers and their amenities, visit our Balanced You Website. If you have specific questions regarding your work site’s activity center contact us at or 206-263-9626.

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