It’s a win-win situation with wellness at work

If we gave you a blank canvas, what picture would you paint that shows what taking good care at work means to you? Perhaps a yoga class over the lunch hour comes to mind, or creating events where co-workers can discuss and share their great nutritious recipes sounds fun. Whatever it may be, we know that being healthy and well at work means something different to each of you. So, why not bring your good ideas to life and share them with co-workers by starting a health or wellness activity at your worksite?

You can be a Health Hero and inspiration to your co-workers, friends, and family. Take Tracey Dang, for example. Tracy and a few other employees, take turns leading a free kickboxing class at Chinook. At King Street Center, Jackie Phillips arranged to bring an employee-sponsored Yoga instructor onsite to teach class every Monday and Thursday. Classes led by outside-instructors usually charge a fee for their classes. For example, $10 per Yoga class at King Street Center.

How to participate

• Decide what kind of activity you’d like to bring to your worksite. Ideas include a group exercise class, a meditation class, chair massage, a book club, or a recipe-sharing club.

• Read the Human Resources policy about Wellness Activities on King County Property.

• Have questions? Give us a call at 206-263-9626, or send us an email and we’ll help you get started.

Balanced You Worksite Fund

Depending on your idea, the recently announced Balanced You Worksite Fund can help you get an activity started. While the fund is intended to support your initial efforts to get a health or well-being activity or project going at your worksite, it’s up to you to keep the activity or project going. Learn about the Balanced You Worksite Fund to see if it can help bring your great ideas to life!

Healthy habits are literally contagious and can lead to healthier lifestyle behaviors. Starting a health or well-being activity at work can include benefits such as meeting people who share a similar interest, or getting in your daily exercise, which can free up time after work to spend with friends and family. It’s a win-win situation for all!

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