Explore King County this month with two wheels instead of four

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just getting started, put on those helmets, tighten those gears and hit the road for Bike Everywhere Month!

According to Cycling Weekly, there are many health benefits of biking including: improved mental health, improved lung health and much more! In addition to improved physical health, biking is great for boosting your social circle with other passionate cyclists around the sound. Washington Bikes offers a great list of bike clubs throughout the Puget Sound Region. Other resources include Cascade Bicycle Club, Love to Ride and Familybike Seattle who are great to connect you to clubs in your neighborhood.

An avid rider, Greg bikes to work everyday

For King County employees, you never know who shares a love for biking just like you! We encourage you and your co-workers to support each other by creating your own bike everywhere team! Greg Felton in the Human Resources Division (HRD) did it. He organized a Bike Everywhere Challenge through lovetoride.net.

Bike Camping - John Coney bridge (002).jpg
Heather out for a ride with her kids

Maybe you prefer to go solo due to schedules or other commitments, like Heather Eliason in Public Health. She takes her kids to school in her daily bike routine. “I want to set an example for my kids,” said Eliason. “We bike even on the weekends. By biking everywhere, my kids get to know their neighborhood and community. We also have an opportunity to support small businesses along the way as we do our grocery shopping and other errands.”

Want to add a little adventure to your bike ride? How about taking in some of the Northwest’s breathtaking mountain top views? Check out the new Trailhead Direct service sponsored by King County Parks and Metro’s Community Connections program! This exciting new bus service runs from select Park & Rides and gives you a fun way to get your miles in while exploring a great view. And don’t forget it’s free if you use your employee ID/ORCA card!

Visit the Cascade Bicycle Club events calendar to find out about group rides and challenges happening throughout the month and into the summer!

For more information about bicycling and all the other transportation benefits you have as a King County employee, visit the Employee Transportation Program (ETP) web page. Be sure to watch the short video events calendar on the first page, which shows you exactly how you can use your ID/ORCA card. Also learn how as a King County employee you can qualify for a monthly incentive if you commute by bike!

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