Sometimes being a “quitter” is a good thing!

We all have those long lists of goals we hope to reach—take a class, read a book, quit smoking…and sometimes it can be overwhelming! However, you are not alone in the race to accomplish everything on your “To Do” list, especially when it comes to ending tobacco use.

King County Employee Health and Well-Being is excited to partner with Quit For Life, a free tobacco cessation program to help King County employees and/or immediate family members (18 years or older) reach their goal of quitting tobacco once and for all. Last year, the quit rate for King County employees was reported to be 55 percent thanks to the Quit For Life program!

The Quit For Life program is one of the nations most recognized and successful programs helping thousands of people reach their goal to quit tobacco for good. Enrolling is easy! Simply go online or make a call to talk to a Quit For Life coach who will help you create a quit plan that works for YOU.

Worried about cravings or withdrawal symptoms? No problem. Your Quit for Life coach is available to you anytime you need them and will support you throughout the program with suggestions on medications to reduce nicotine cravings and reduce withdrawal symptoms, or just be an ear to get you through the day.

And for those who are constantly on the go, check out “Text2Quit” that sends reminders and tips right to your mobile device!

As far as the overall benefits of quitting tobacco use? How about normal blood pressure, better circulation, easier beating heart and much more!

Are you ready? Get started today by calling 1-866-QUIT-4-LIFE (1-866-784-8454), or online at

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