Survey says! More Employee Health & Well-Being survey results

King County is changing the Healthy Incentives program based on what we heard from employees. In 2017, you provided valuable input that will help us shape the new program to support your diverse interests and wellness goals in a more meaningful way.

We’ve previously shared an overview of what we heard from you and now we’re sharing more detailed information including how we’re working to ensure the new approach is more responsive to all employees.

The results

Below are results for Question 4 and Question 5. See Question 2 and Question 3 results here. We’ll explore more survey results and action plans in future articles.

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Action Plan

We’re continuing to develop new opportunities and offerings that interest you the most. As part of our planning, we’re mindful that self-directed, quick and easily accessible programs are important to you, while at the same time one-on-one sessions or a series of classes work for others. Our goal is to provide a variety of ways to make it convenient for all employees to participate in Employee Health & Well-Being offerings.

While we continue to design the new program, the good news is that there are many great opportunities available to you now!

Physical Activity, Healthy Eating and Nutrition

  • King County maintains activity centers in over 20 worksites at no cost to employees. Each center varies in their offerings. Check out the list of locations, accessibility and onsite equipment.
  • King County offers gym and fitness center discounts throughout the Puget Sound region. We’re working to expand our traditional offerings to include specialized fitness such as yoga, Pilates and strengthening studios. If you’re interested in adding a facility to our growing list, contact Employee Health & Well-Being.
  • For employees looking for healthy eating options, consider participating in King County’s CSA @ Work program. Seasonal produce is delivered to worksites once a week, typically from June through November. If you’re interested in bringing a CSA program to your worksite, contact Employee Health & Well-Being. There must be 10 or more participants in the program in order to bring it to your worksite, so now is a good time to start planning. Look for more program information this spring.
  • Weight Watchers is offered to employees year-round. King County pays for half of your Weight Watchers subscription, and employees have the option of participating at work, online or in their community.

Stress reduction, supportive workplace and safety

  • King County’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Making Life Easier Program (MLE) provide employees with comprehensive services for their families to address workplace stress, conflict with co-workers, personal counseling, legal services, and more.
  • Through My Secure Advantage, King County provides employees with a free resource to assist with financial wellness such as assistance with a financial challenge or accomplishing a financial goal.
  • This year, we’ve expanded the Mindfulness class offerings. This popular program supports and provides relevant information to employees working to reduce stress and improve well-being.
  • King County’s Safety Program offers numerous resources and classes to support your personal and work safety, including First Aid/CPR/AED training, ergonomic evaluations and personal safety tip and resources.

Additional wellness resources and offerings through your health plan

  • Visit Kaiser Permanente or Regence to learn more about online health risk assessments and other wellness resources. Most resources are free for benefits-covered members.

Stay informed and stay involved

The next “Survey Says” article will explore using your health care benefits. Stay tuned!

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