Survey says! Employee Health & Well-Being survey results

King County is overhauling the Healthy Incentives program based on what we heard from employees. In 2017, you provided valuable input that will help us shape the new program to support your diverse interests and wellness goals in a more meaningful way.

We’ve previously shared an overview of what we heard from you and now we’re sharing more detailed information including how we’re working to ensure the new approach is more responsive to all employees.

The results

Below are results for Q2 and Q3. We’ll explore more survey results and action plans in future articles.

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Survey Q2

Survey Q3

Action Plan

It’s encouraging to see many of you feel supported at work. At the same time, we heard you say that programs aren’t convenient for those who work outside the downtown Seattle core, or for employees who don’t work the day shift.

So, here’s what we are planning:

  • Improve how we offer health and well-being opportunities to employees. We’re working on bringing our current and new opportunities to employees throughout the County in ways that work with your schedules. For example, throughout 2018, we’ll offer the popular Mindfulness series (information coming soon!) at various locations, including worksites outside downtown Seattle, and at times that will better accommodate shift workers. We’ll also offer community-based opportunities for those who prefer to participate outside of work hours.
  • More education and awareness of King County’s Employee Health and Well-Being Initiative. We know that if you don’t know what’s available, you can’t participate! We’ll continue to find ways to make sure you know what, where and when opportunities will be available. For example, we’re redesigning our website to make it easier to find information, and we’ll continue to identify the best communication channels to reach you where you work.
  • Share more tips and success stories. In 2018, we’ll bring you more Health Heroes stories to inspire you and your work teams. Let’s hear from managers with tips on supporting employees at work. Let’s hear from employees who are making creative use of your long commute time. And let’s learn from those of you who have creatively carved out time from your busy schedules to de-stress, stay active, and eat healthy. Have tips or a story to tell? Email us and let’s talk!

Next post: We’ll explore how we’re addressing the health and well-being topics that interest you the most. Stay tuned!

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