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King County offered it’s first MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) classes this year as part of Healthy Incentives.  It was a pilot, so we could learn how popular and effective the program would be before we signed a contract or made a long term commitment.

Wow, were we surprised at the popularity. When 3 classes filled almost immediately after our first workshop in October, we quickly added a 4th class. Then those filled before the end of December, and the Healthy Incentives start date was not until mid-February.  We knew we had a winner of an action plan on our hands.

And what a winner it is!  Most who took the classes, enjoyed them and found them very helpful.  Some employees are continuing to get the class members together to practice, and others are looking for ways to bring more practice opportunities to the County.

A group from the King Street class is going to bring in a Tai Chi instructor.  One student describes her practice:

After quite a bit of searching I found a video that  I like to use for I my daily practice. The part I use starts at 3.5 min, when the instructor does all of the forms. I meditate and warm up before the video  then start.”

Below is a booklet showing the forms (of Tai Chi)

A few more helpful tips for those interested in Mindfulness:

Interesting New York Times blog post about meditation apps. I  like the idea of having a 10 min. meditation ap with a relaxing background and peaceful coaching…

I am trying out the Mindful Leadership Meditations.  To date, I have not used it enough to have an opinion.  I will let you know when I do.


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