Introducing Burnout & Resiliency online training

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when every facet of our county had to pivot into a new way of working and serving our community, Balanced You has led live trainings around burnout and resiliency. Burnout and compassion fatigue are conditions that can lead to long-term mental and physical health problems and can impact our work. While the COVID-19 emergency order has ended, the sense of burnout has not.

Now King County employees and teams can take the Burnout & Resiliency training online and on-demand through NEOGOV Learn at a time that works best for them. In this training participants will learn:

  • What is burnout?
  • What is compassion fatigue?
  • How they affect the workplace
  • Ways to recover
  • Ways to build resiliency to prevent burnout
  • Resources to support your mental health and well-being

After taking the online training, people managers can go on to take Part 2 that provides insights into how to develop team resiliency.

Part 2 of this training is tailored to people managers. Participants will learn:

  • Strategies to support employees through burnout
  • Ways to develop team resiliency
  • Reversing and preventing employee burnout
  • Policies and systems to prevent and recover from burnout

Enroll in the Burnout & Resiliency Training, Part 1 for all employees.

Enroll in the Burnout & Resiliency Training, Part 2 for people managers.

This training can be taken individually or as part of a facilitated team conversation. Reach out to with any questions.

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