An overview of mental health resources for King County employees

It is normal to feel your mental health and emotional well-being are being challenged during these ongoing difficult and uncertain times. Balanced You is here to remind King County employees that there are resources available to support you. Below you will find a list of links to resources tailored for different audiences – such as BIPOC employees, employees facing layoff, and employees seeking recovery – as well as a general overview of mental health resources available to support all employees and their loved ones.

  • Emotional well-being resources for the Black community: In this blogpost, you will find a list of county and community resources developed for King County’s Black employees. Sample resources include community organizations that provide space for community development and collective healing.
Dr. Gloria Ngezaho discusses mental health resources for black and brown employees
  • Financial and mental health resources for employees facing layoff: In this resource guide, you will find a tailored list of resources for employees facing lay-off. The guide includes resources that will be available to employees both before and after they leave the County. Sample resources include the County’s financial wellness plan for employees and community mental health services.
  • Mental health resources for people in recovery: In this blog post, you will find a tailored list of County and community resources for individuals who are either in recovery or seeking recovery from substance use and addiction. Sample resources include virtual 12-step programs and recovery-based community organizations.

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