Balanced You’s Hope and Joy Campaign

As we move through the difficulty and stress of a socially isolating pandemic, Balanced You is launching the Hope and Joy Campaign. Throughout the winter, we will find ways to connect with one another through moments of hope and joy.

The Hope and Joy Campaign does not exist to quiet other emotions you may be experiencing during this time, but rather balance them with joyful emotions and connection with each other so we can build our strength to weather these challenges.

Please join Balanced You in making hope and joy contagious this winter. We can’t do this without you! 

Photos and Videos

Share what brings joy to your lives: whether it’s a purring cat, a family trip, a tender moment with a teenage child, a silly dog, or a beautiful hike. We want to amplify these experiences, so we are creating a platform to share your joy with employees.

Send us your photos, videos, and audio from throughout the winter and we will share them back with your colleagues through the Balanced You blog and Employee News! For an example, please check out Brooke Bascom’s three videos of things that bring her joy: the stunning natural beauty of the Methow Valley, the unfettered joy of her lab Ozzie chasing a stick into the lake, and a dance break during the day to shake off stress!

Brooke’s Hope and Joy video of the Methow Valley

Brooke’s Hope and Joy video of her dog Ozzie swimming in Washington Lake

Brooke Hope and Joy video of taking a dance break during the workday to shake off stress.

To upload your audio or videos, click here and follow the instructions. If you’d prefer to send pictures for us to share, simply email the photos to

Coffee Connections

Balanced You is hosting a series of informal, virtual zoom sessions, “Coffee Connections”, to provide spaces for employees to connect over fun topics and events, including holiday recipe sharing, pet meet-and-greets, and singalongs.

TitleDescriptionDate/TimeMeeting Link and Passcode
Pet Meet-and-Greet  Introduce your pets!    December 10, from 10-10:30amPet Meet and Greet PASSCODE: 205737
Quarantine Holiday Celebrations  Share your unique ideas on how to get together and still social distance.December 16, from 10-10:30amQuarantine Holiday Celebrations PASSCODE: 524145
New Year’s ResolutionsHow do you want to bring in the New Year? We want to hear it!January 6, from 10-10:30amNew Year’s Resolutions    PASSCODE: 618235
Social Distancing Ideas for KidsShare your ideas on caring for children while social distancing.January 20, 10-10:30amSocial distancing ideas for kids PASSCODE: 133933
Pet Meet-and-Greet  Introduce your pets!  February 3, from 10-10:30amPet Meet-and-Greet
PASSCODE: 881465
Arts and Crafts Hobbies / Share your fun masksShare the cool new hobbies you have picked up during quarantine and show-off your favorite masks in the process.February 17, from 10-10:30amArts and Crafts and Hobbies/Share your fun masks PASSCODE: 086180
Favorite Quarantine RecipesShow off your favorite dish and learn other employees’ favorite recipes, as well.March 3, from 10-10:30amFavorite Quarantine Recipes PASSCODE: 814182
Favorite Movies / TV ShowsShare your favorite shows and movies to watch while in Quarantine and get tips from employees on what to add to your list.March 17, from 10-10:30amFavorite Movies/TV Shows PASSCODE: 065087
Make Your Own Keepsake BoxLearn how to make a keepsake box. Bring your mementos to show to others and start to create your own.March 31, from 10-10:30amMake Your Own Keepsake Box PASSCODE: 367231

Hope and Joy-building Tips and Resources for Teams

Balanced You is developing resources to help teams build hope and joy this winter, as well. Activities such as dance breaks, virtual team-wide family or pet introductions, meme or gif sharing, or hope and joy walls can go a long way toward helping each other through these tough times.

We will distribute tips and resources to managers and supervisors through Upfront, and post them on our blog and in Employee News, as well.

For a list of mental health resources, please check out this King County Mental Health Resource Guide. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact

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