Yoga offered at King Street Center

Looking for a midday yoga class at work? A gentle, all-levels class is offered twice per week at King Street Center. Led by a community-based instructor, Jonna Duvernoy*, this class is available to all County employees.

King Street Center – Yoga

(First floor, enter the room through the glass door to the right of the security desk)

Day of week Time Type of class Cost Description
Monday Noon-1pm All levels $10 Gentle, slow-paced, all-levels class adapted based how the group is feeling.
Thursday Noon-1pm All levels $10


* Jonna Duvernoy is also an instructor at 8 Limbs. The strength of Jonna’s teaching lies in her attention to detail and her compassionate approach to individual needs. Her intuitive ability to see how structure and form work together in the body leads her to many insights for those who take her classes. Jonna offers a skillful and strong practice and hopes that each student will walk away with a deeper understanding of themselves and the yogic path.

Interested in taking this class? Contact Elizabeth Inglese or Jackie Phillips. They can add you to a weekly KSC Yoga distribution list with class announcements and updates.

Classes are also offered in Chinook. 

Want to start your own class? Contact Balanced You.

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