Transit takes to the soccer field

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Tessa Star is a Warranty Claims Analyst at Transit’s Component Supply Center in Tukwila. She works with 130 other Vehicle Maintenance staff in a large building that’s part warehouse, part mechanical shop and part office space. In her spare time, Tessa enjoys playing soccer, a sport she started playing when she was eight years old. So when her co-worker, Dennis Robinson, joked that basketball was harder than soccer, she challenged him to the field. And that was the start of the Dazed and Confused team.

Tessa is the team’s captain, Dennis is the goalkeeper, and other staff from the Component Supply Center and their friends form the rest of the Dazed and Confused team. For this group of County employees, playing soccer is a way to keep fit, blow off steam from work and get to know each other better. This past season, the team took second place in their division!

Since joining the team, Dennis has backed down. “Soccer is harder than I thought it would be. You’re running all the time. Our last game, we were playing against 20-somethings who were not beginners. They kept scoring on me,” he said.

During the spring, they played once a week, mostly indoors. “It’s a lot of work to organize a team and keep track of who will be there and who won’t, but in the end, I’m glad it worked out,” says Tessa. “It’s been a lot more fun than I anticipated! Even when we’re losing, which is quite often, we’re having fun and laughing. That’s what it’s all about. Winning once in a while is nice, too!”

Dazed and Confused took the summer off, but they’re registering to play again in the fall. Registration opens in late July. If you would like more information on their league or team, contact Tessa. The team welcomes new players of all skill level. If you’re interested in starting your own workplace sports team, contact the Healthy Incentives team.

Teammates include:

Dennis Robinson – CSC, Purchasing Specialist

Gloria Klein – VMDM

Marquis McKinnon – CSC, Lead Parts Worker

Tim Wong – CSC, Equipment Service Worker



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