Meet Allison Moore

Allison_MooreAllison Moore is an “ultra-runner” who shares her energy and expertise with co-workers by conducting a free strength training class in the Chinook Activity Center open to any county employee. “Energy is contagious,” she says and her positive outlook and love of being active is catching on with her colleagues.

Allison got roped into teaching the strength training class by her supervisor shortly after she started working for King County. The class had recently lost its leader and was looking for another. As an ultra-runner with a rigorous training regimen, Allison had plenty of expertise in the area so she was game to give it a try.

The class is offered twice a week around the lunch hour and attracts between three and ten people. Allison’s instruction accommodates people at all levels and she shows how you can modify the exercises depending on your level.

“Everyone leaves in a better mood,” she says of the benefits of the class.

Allison is a fantastic athlete in her own right. As an ultra-runner she competes in 100 mile races about twice a year. The races can last anywhere from 19 to 32 hours and often weave through the mountainous regions of the state. “It’s a journey that is unbelievably enriching and satisfying. So much can happen in 100 miles. I have had my highest and lowest points during the races.”

Running distances is meditative for Allison. “It’s quiet in the mornings when I do my regular runs. I listen to my breathing and my mind really goes with the rhythm of my body and breath.”

For Allison, regular exercise is an important part of staying positive and focused in a job that can be hard at times. As a disease investigator for Public Health, Allison does HIV testing, helps people get linked with care and notifies partners if the client wants.

“If I don’t exercise I feel like something’s off.” She adds “I believe energy is contagious. If someone’s in a bad mood, it can make the people around them feel bad. But if someone is positive and resilient, that also spreads.”

Thanks to Allison for spreading physical and psychological well-being among her colleagues and clients.

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