Invitation from Bicycle Alliance – I Bike SEA program

Thanks to Eileen Kadesh, DOT Transit Planner, for the following info:

I Bike SEA is a program from the Bicycle Alliance of Washington, focused on making cycling a normal form of transportation.  It’s about discovering that you don’t have to be a ‘cyclist’ to go by bike.

I Bike SEA invites you to join a two week “shift” to fun and inclusive cycling for everyone. We’re recruiting residents (especially you, ladies) who’d like to try bike commuting for the first time, who’d like to bike commute more, and even those who bike commute a lot.

I Bike SEA provides program participants with accessible, social events over two-weeks for people to have fun commuting from North Seattle into downtown. We’re hosting a First Thursday kickoff party,  September 6, 2012 at 5:30 p.m. in the Nord Building in Pioneer Square  with refreshments, inspiration and basic bike maintenance – FOR FREE.  Bikepool back to North Seattle, with groups leaving periodically after the event.

I Bike SEA is also hosting three coffee meet-ups at Fremont’s Milstead Coffee, as well as an after hours “book club” and social event with Councilmember Sally Bagshaw in the third week.

Eileen’s been a regular rider for almost 40 years.  She says: “I try to cycle five days a week, between 8 and 10 miles a day, for exercise.  Cycling is important to me because it relieves stress, makes me feel alive, and connects me with the elements.  I like the feel of a tailwind, experiencing the weather as the sky clouds over, making the distinction between “rain” and “showers.”  And I see things I would not normally notice in a car or on a bus, like a weasel scurrying across my path, the style of houses that I pass, or the beauty of the Kirkland marina and the view of the Olympics across Lake Washington while on my morning commute.”


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