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We do, compared to other parts of the country, have pretty moderate weather.  This can be hard to believe on days like today…..when the temperature hovers around mid-40’s and it’s raining – hard.  I do find, and wonder if you do too, that it is WAY harder to get motivated to move on days like this and it’s especially hard to move into the outdoors.    weather-seattle-march-29


My dog Lucky is what keeps me moving into the outdoors on mornings like this one.  He is a 7 year old border collie,  and he requires exercise every single day – lots of exercise.  If he doesn’t get to move at least 2 hours per day, he just can’t be a “good boy”.  He LOVES this weather.  Being wet and cool (and running) is in his top 10 things to enjoy in life.

This morning when we were out for our morning run, there were very few other people, and only 2 other dogs.  People in Seattle tend to hide inside when it’s “raining” and seem to surface during the rain-breaks that are so common throughout the day.  I guess the conclusion from this is that MOST of us have a hard time moving, especially outdoors, when it’s raining.

The funny thing about our weather, is that it’s just rarely ever “that bad”.  After I am done running with Lucky, I am always glad I went out.   This morning, I was actually hot in my two t-shirts, two jackets, winter gloves and wool hat.  (I run every day, and should have figured out how many layers I need by now, but I just never like to leave the house cold – which means I un-peel the layers as we get under way.)

What keeps you moving outside in our spring weather?  Or do you just “hide” inside like most other Seattle-ites?  It seems that if you only go outside in Seattle when the weather is good or great – you don’t get outside very often. But why does the bad weather also make us feel like we don’t want to move AT ALL?  It’s not raining inside, yet it’s still hard to get my body moving when it’s grey and rainy?

Maybe I am just feeling whiny about this weather.  I LOVE it when the sun is out and last weekend was such a treat…..I want much, much more of THAT weather, even knowing that we are in for much, much more of THIS weather.

Below is what Cliff Mass says about what is to come for this spring.  I sure hope he’s right.

“So what is going to happen?   Are we going to have to endure a non-spring like last year?
There is some suggestion that our fate is different than last year…we will suffer…but the wet, chill will not last into summer.” read more


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