Snack Attacks in the Office

Today I posted an article on our Facebook page about avoiding the “office feeder”.  We all know this person – they have a candy dish (full) on their desk every single day.  On “special” days, they bring in cakes, cookies and pies and leave them around for all to enjoy.

I hear the stories from those struggling to lose weight about these people, these saboteurs.  This constant temptation in the office is DARN hard if not impossible to withstand.  What are you supposed to do when you want nothing more than to devour the entire bowl of chocolates on your co-worker’s desk while at the same time you are aching to lose weight?

vegetable-spring-rice-paper-rolls- Yesterday, I saw two women in our break room sharing THE most delicious looking spring rolls.  Not the fried type, but the fresh veggie, full of basil, sprouts, lettuce and rice noodles.  They were in the break room enjoying a healthy feast! Maybe they had made an escape from the HUGE (Costco sized) barrels of cookies and candy displayed around the office.  Maybe they had made a pact to “just walk past” the tempting animal cookies and the copious, fat free red vines and move toward a much, much more rewarding meal – even better when shared with a friend.

I often wonder why people want such bad food around them – constantly, and also how those who do, avoid the temptation so skillfully.  Perhaps one tactic is to get a healthy food buddy who will support you when you turn your back on the junk, and go for the healthy.

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