AngaLee Alexander and her path to financial wellness

You may think financial coaching isn’t relevant to you. You think, “I don’t need any financial help.” Like many, once you really stop and look at your personal finances, there are many ways to improve.

AngaLee Alexander, a King County Business and Finance Officer, is a Health Hero. Like many of us, Alexander thought she had a handle on her finances until she decided to learn more about King County’s My Secure Advantage program.

My Secure Advantage (MSA) is a free benefit available to all County employees that provides tools and personal coaching to help you achieve your financial goals. “I didn’t really think I needed any help with my finances. However, I kept seeing the MSA information pop up and decided to talk to someone and see what they have to say,” said Alexander.

The road to financial wellness is just a phone call away. MSA provides 90 days of free, confidential telephone-based coaching. Money Coaches are unbiased, financial experts who can provided guidance and other resources to employees and their spouses or partners.

After initially signing up for the program, Alexander had some doubts until she met her MSA Money Coach, Derek. “I thought we were doing a good job saving for things like retirement, but Derek gave us homework to do and exercises that helped us identify additional ways to save,” Alexander stated. “We learned how small changes can make a big difference!”

One of those changes included swapping out the daily $4 lattes at the coffee shop for a coffee machine at home. “I didn’t think my husband would budge on his daily coffee habit. But once Derek helped us see how much money we could save by brewing our own cup of java in the mornings, he gave in!” Alexander laughs.

After several sessions with Money Coach Derek, Alexander is pleased with how she and her husband are more conscious about their financial wellness. “I think the MSA program is a wonderful thing for King County to offer employees. I plan on checking in with Derek again soon!”

Want to learn more about My Secure Advantage? Contact a Money Coach by calling 1-888-874-7290 or learn more online.

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