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Whether you’re outdoors enjoying a pleasant hike or at work sitting for long periods, taking care of your back is essential to your overall health. Low back pain is a common problem that is usually caused by a strain on the muscles, ligaments, and bones of the spine. The good news is that there’s plenty you can do to prevent back pain and keep it from returning.

Here are tips for better back health:

  1. Preventing back pain is easier than treating it. Take some time to learn more about whether you may be at risk for back pain and the steps you can take to prevent it. A good place to start is with this Prevent Back Pain resource, available in English and Spanish.
  2.  ergo keyboardTake care at work. Proper ergonomics can help reduce stress on both the lower and upper back. King County employees can request an ergonomic evaluation through Safety & Claims or take online ergonomics-related and back safety and injury prevention courses.
  3. Lift with care. Lifting seems like an easy task, but lifting objects too quickly or improperly can lead to back discomfort. King County offers employees a Lifting Safely: Back to Basics class. Consider taking the next class, which is scheduled for Dec. 7, 2017. Be sure to get supervisor approval before signing up for the class. Employees can also request back care group training classes at your worksite. Contact Tammy Harris to make arrangements. If you’re unable to attend a training class, consider checking out a video from the Safety Video Library.
  4. Work with your health care provider. Wondering what to do if you have back pain? Check out these tips from Own Your Health on what you and your health care provider can do to help manage back pain.
  5. listen to bodyWork it out. Back and gluteal muscles can help stabilize your body, improve your posture and prevent injury. Check out this poster  for some suggestions to strengthen your back and gluteal muscles. Note: Employees may print out the poster for their own personal use, but please refrain from distributing. If you would like a larger poster, please contact Healthy Incentives.

KC Back.Glute Handout

KC Back.Glute Handout2


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