CSA@Work sign-ups are open!

Read on if any of the following interest you:

Mezza Luna CSA Box
Sample CSA box from CSA@Work farm, Mezza Luna
  • A nutritious diet
  • Healthy Incentives credit
  • The freshest produce
  • Thriving local farms
  • Bonding over food

If you’re still reading, then consider signing up for the CSA@Work program. Available at 13 convenient King County worksites, CSA@Work connects eaters with local King County CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs that deliver weekly boxes of freshly-harvested produce throughout the summer season.

Earn Healthy Incentives credit

Sign up for a season-long share with one of the four participating CSA programs listed below by June 1 (and pay in full by August 4) to earn Healthy Incentives credit. While these farms deliver to other locations, make sure to select a King County worksite pickup if you want Healthy Incentives credit. In order to earn gold, you will also need to complete your wellness assessment. Submit proof of payment by Friday, August 4, 2017 to KC.Benefits@kingcounty.gov.

Finally, though you can feel free to share the delicious food with your loved ones, only King County employees – not covered spouses or partners – may receive Healthy Incentives credit for the CSA@Work program.

CSA@Work pick-up locations

With 13 King County workplaces to choose from, you do not have to work at a particular building to select it (with three noted exceptions). However, it should be convenient enough to pick up there each week on the delivery day specified. Sign up by clicking on the CSA below that serves your preferred building.

Pike Place Market CSA
Atlantic/Central Base (Base employees only) [mapWeds.
Downtown Public Health Building [mapWeds.
King County Youth Services Center [mapWeds.

Oxbow CSA
Chinook Building [mapThurs.
King Street Center [mapThurs.

Mezza Luna CSA
Columbia City Center for Health [mapTues.
Environmental Lab (Lab employees only) [mapTues.

Snoqualmie Valley Coop CSA
King County Elections – Renton (Elections employees only) [map] Thurs.
King County Administration Building [mapThurs.
King County International Airport/Boeing Field (Airport employees only) [mapThurs.
Maleng Regional Justice Center [mapThurs.
Roads Maintenance Building A [mapThurs.
South Base (Base employees only) [mapThurs.

More perks

Each week, a CSA stocks your fridge with nutritious food, which is a great way to commit to a healthy eating routine. You can swap menus with other co-workers or try the recipes that come in your CSA box to enjoy new vegetables and flavors. Some subscribers like to unpack the box at home together so they can make menus for the week. Whether at work or at home, an amazing recipe or a shared meal is natural way to connect and bond with the people in your life.

Finally, buying a local CSA share supports King County farmer livelihoods, which keeps our region thriving and resilient. Perks for the body, the soul, and the greater community – what’s not to like?

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