AFIS Healthy Worksite Makeover – the BEFORE!

Hey all! We were so excited when we found out our worksite was one of the few chosen for a makeover! As you can (sort of) see from the below photos, we need it! 

Work Area 2

Some of the main issues negatively affecting us are: a lack of windows, harsh lighting, recirculated air and interacting with angry and/or violent individuals. Some of the items we have brainstormed having installed to combat those issues are:

–          SkyFactory LED photos

–          White noise machine

–          Air purifier

–          Natural light, light bulbs

–          Relaxation station

–          Chalkboard/fun wall

Work Area 1

Obviously, we aren’t able to change the attitudes of people we encounter; but we feel that the inclusion of one or more of the items above will work wonders for our stress levels.

We will update you along the way as our worksite makeover progresses.

Stay tuned!

Andrea & Beth

AFIS section of King County Corrections





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