Way Cool!

You FitBit wearers will love this. For the first time, we will be able to integrate a fitness device with a Healthy Incentives individual action plan. There are a lot of neat devices out there and we’ve wanted to move into this space for a while. The StayWell integration is so easy that basically all you have to do is wear your FitBit


Last week we started demo testing a StayWell individual action plan, Step It Up!, where you track the steps you take every day for credit. The way cool option we’ve never had before is integrating your FitBit with the Step It Up! individual action plan. All I had to do was press a FitBit icon, provide my FitBit login information and presto! Everything is integrated. Two days later I checked my progress on Step it Up! and the steps my FitBit had measured each of the past two days were there – I had not done a thing with my fingers to enter those steps.

This will be great for the people with FitBits. I am not sure how many of those there are. I know a few. But FitBits are not exactly accessible to everyone. I have a model that measures my sleep, too, and it was around $100. It was given to me for Mother’s Day last year. The least you can spend on one is around $50 which is actually not that cheap, if you ask me.

Mine uploads wirelessly to the FitBit website. So, all I have to do is walk in the general vicinity of my home computer and ZAP! My data gets automatically transmitted to the FitBit website. From there, StayWell’s Step It Up! can pick up the data and reflect it in their individual action plan.

Easy Peasy!

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