Stop the Glorification of Busy

summerRest is a phase of movement
~ George Balanchine

Stop for a moment:
Reconnect with the Earth.
Reconnect with Spirit.
Reconnect with your divine dance between the two.

And then move again with grace and conviction.

Happy summer to you! A quote circulating around that I really like is ‘stop the glorification of busy’. How many times have you or someone you know answered the how are you question with ‘busy’? It is our culture to glorify busy, to be productive and squeezed in every moment of our day, often not able to savor the joys in front of us. Can we take pauses to take in what is meaningful and good? to really be in the moments we’re in and with the people we’re with? to see the beauty around us, to reconnect with earth and spirit?… Now that’s glory! May each of you create pauses in your life and have many playful joys, sweet stillness’s, and luscious leaps in your sunny summer days.

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