You just have to show up

One of the guys I see in the workout room had an accident riding his bike. He did not bike, nor work out, bikecrashfor a few weeks while his body recovered. He told me about his accident, that he was now back to riding his bike and trying not to push it too hard working out. He wisely gave his body time to recuperate before he eased back into his previous physical activities.  He commented that sometimes you just have to show up.

We all experience situations which disrupt our normal routine. You may have a big work project with a tight deadline, a cold or bout with the flu, a vacation or something else that sidelines you from physical activity. Don’t let that be an excuse to lead a sedentary life. No matter how much time has passed since you were previously active, ease back into physical activity if your body is able to do so. Sometimes you just have to show up.

By Michelle Fujiwara

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