10 things to do before summer ends

We are already winding down the summer.  We have two official weekends left before school starts and unofficial fall begins. I still feel like I have things to do before summer is over, so here is a list of things to-do before Labor Day.

1.  riverfloattripGo float the Yakima River in an inner tube or raft.  It’s hot over there, and the water is reasonably warm.  It’s a pretty lazy way to spend the day, and the thought of floating down a river like a bubble just sounds fun.  Here is a website that explains the trip and here is the map.  Be sure to be careful, wear your life preserver, and don’t drink too much!

2.  Hike in the Olympics.  The Olympic mountains offer a great get-away and amazing views, flowers and wildlife.  If you don’t want to hike, drive to hurricane ridge.  We are so lucky to have such an amazing park in our back yard.  My favorite hike of all is the Soleduc loop trail(this is my name).  You can do it in a day, or take several days.

3.  Head to the San Juan Islands.  It does not matter which way you come, by car ferry, by motorboat, sailboat, or kayak – there are so many amazing things to do in the San Juans you will not be disappointed.  From whale watching to biking to hanging out on a beach, or hiking Mount Constitution it’s one of my most favorite places in Washington.  Check out more details here.

4.  Finish your summer reading list.  You obviously don’t have to go anywhere to tackle this one.  Just grabSummer Seattle a comfy chair and your book (or kindle) and read the summer days away.  Let us know what you are reading!

5.  Go to an outdoor movie or concert.  For movies check out Marymoor  and for music the options include Zoo TunesBumbershoot and as usual, Dave Matthews will be at the Gorge Amphitheater over Labor Day Weekend.

6.  Can or preserve the harvest from your garden. Pickled beets, dill pickles, jams or jellies….these are all good activities to finish up before the fall.  New to canning?  The best book I have found is the Ball book to preserving.  A must have.

7. Volunteer.  Maybe it’s at a race, on a trail crew, or at the local community center.

8.  Play Frisbee with the Dog at the beach or park.  Of course, Alki is out (no dogs allowed) but may King County Parks love dogs!

9. Take a class – sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing.  Check out the UW waterfront center.

10.  Go for a walk.  Getting outside, enjoying the fresh air of summer, and taking the time to enjoy the small pleasures of your local environment make summer a great time of year here in the northwest.

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