Amy Tsai Grand Slam Contest Entry

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  1. Love Lucas’ video! Considering my husband has had Type 1 diabetes since he was 13 years old, I can really appreciate Lucas’ efforts to help other kids stay healthy by diagnosing early. Absolutely wonderful!

  2. Lucas, your video is a great health awareness promotion. With your interest in the Mariners, you should win the contest and be the one that gets to throw the pitch at the Mariners game. Good Luck!

  3. Awesome video w/ great message … type 2 diabetes runs in my family but the message is still the same. Good luck Lucas … you’re adorable!!

  4. Lucas..Just can’t wait to meet you for the first time in September.

    I shall follow your advice for good health. Thank you.

    Grandma Kueilin

    1. This is Debbi Hurtado looking for my Aunt Laura Hurtado-Webb who’s father was Gabino Hurtado and had a half=brother named Jess Hurtado (Hasty)

  5. In addition to helpful info about diabetes, I learned from the images linked to “healthy eating” (where only a small portion appears to have made it into Lucas’s digestive track, with the rest on his chin) that, apparently, having healthy food NEAR the mouth is sufficient. My ten-month-old seems to get most of his food in his hair, so I’m hoping there’s some similar nutrition-by-contact phenom at play there.