Greg King Grand Slam Contest Entry

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  1. Watching you zip by all cars stuck in traffic makes me want to take my bike out for a ride. Thanks for the inspiring video complete with sites of Seattle.

  2. Your ride is much more scenic than mine, so I’m jealous. Though I’d probably bite it from not paying attention to my ride!!!!

  3. Pitch her away on the 27th and enjoy a lovely pitcher away after the game!!! Love you baseball man and the memories of you at our Safeco Wedding… may it bring luck upon ya!!! Already has we know! Hearts/hugs/ LUCK!

  4. Better hang your glove on your bike handle bar and stuff a hard ball down your pants and head to the nearest little league ball park. You are going to have to get that arm of yours up to the task. If you throw like a girl (your Bush) they will make you shower in the ladies locker.

  5. How will this affect the new arena? Cause God knows we need another arena in Seattle. I’m looking to start a grass roots effort to get an arena built just for Dave Matthews concerts. I’ll only displace 1000 jobs and only increase traffic by 300%. It’s a good thing.

  6. Want to see you make a fool out of yourself when you cannot reach the pitchers mound with the ball. I heard you throw like a girl!