Grand Slam Clues Continued!

Canister #8S/Extra Clue:  The rodeo near here is for a different cowboy, not one who rides a horse, but one who drives a bus. FOUND!!

Canister #9SE/Clue#1:  This place is responsible for recording what you cast. FOUND!

Canister #7C/Clue#1:  You can roll around, do cartwheels, or have a picnic, but it might be a little loud, and you may feel like you need to “duck”. FOUND!!

Continuing the clues for Canister # 8S.

Canister #8S/Clue #1 The 38th Governor of Calif. will be proud of you if you are seen here.

Canister #8S/Clue#2: There is a rodeo that happens near here soon.

Canister #8S/Clue #3: There is lululemon, lucy, Nike and Addidas. One of these is the canister’s camo.

Canister #8S/ Clue #4:  Look behind, this one is hiding from you, and remember it has a camouflage covering.

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