Grand Slam Contest Clues

CANISTER #1N has been found by Boyd Baumgartner!  Congratulations Boyd!! See where he found it here!

CANISTER #2E has been found by Amy Tsai – she gets the Ipod. (It was in the rafters at the back S/W corner of shelter #1)

CANISTER#4C has been found by Greg   – he gets the Yurt Rental.  (It was in the rock garden under the bridge at the gate)

Congratulations!!  The next round of clues will come out on Friday.

Canister #1N/Clue#1 – – Instead of touring the plant, go to the place where people take 3 mile strolls, enjoy the view of the wetlands, creeks, and ponds.

Canister #2E/Clue#1 — It’s a walk over the river from the place C Ronaldo, D Beckham, and Pele would enjoy.

Canister #4C /Clue #1 –Go west toward the sound, you might get a whiff of aroma before you see it

Canister #1N/Clue#2 Find the structure = “connection”, “transition”, “arch”, “bond”, “overpass”

Canister #2E/Clue #2  Near by are bent wood-framed dwelling structures traditionally used by Turkic nomads.  You can stay overnight in these.

Canister #4C/Clue#2 – Find the south-western most main building on the site map.

Canister #2E/Clue#3  – Some are old, some are new. Some are round, some are square.  Old and square is where.

Canister#4C/Clue#3 –  Under a bridge, near the gate, there is a “garden” of inedibles. Now you’re not just warm but hot!

N = North of ship canal

E = East of Lake Washington

C = Central (South of Ship Canal to South end of King Co Airport and West of Lake Wa.)

S = South of King County Airport (Boeing Field)

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