Last Chance

Canister #11S Update:  The canister has been replaced.  It was missing! FOUND!!

Canister #11S/Clue #4 From the flag pole, move up the path toward the front entrance, past the circle, take the path to the right. The poles of the trellis are hollow…..just about the size of a canister.

Canister #11S/Clue #3 The trellis will lead you. It’s not high, or underground, but in-between/inside.

Canister #11S/Clue #2: Wander up the path toward the front door through the gardens. Tall copper pillars and wisteria will guide you.

Canister #11S / Clue #1  No need to go to the jail.  You must find the nearest source of “energy” near  the symbol of freCanisteredom.

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