Healthy is for you to decide: Recommitting to health goals with Omada

As more of the world opens up, we’ve heard from employees their desire to recommit to health goals that may have taken a back seat during the COVID-19 pandemic. First off, Balanced You wants to acknowledge the intensity of the pandemic and remind you that you have done your best amidst a high stress and unprecedented time.

When recommitting to health goals, it is important to be compassionate with yourself and your body. It can be helpful to remember that any moment you choose to commit to health goals, you haven’t failed at health, you are only just beginning. King County and your insurance provider offer a program called Omada that can help you shift your mindset about your goals and support you wherever you are in your journey. Omada can support those who want to make lifestyle changes and who may be at risk for type 2 diabetes.

What ‘healthy’ means is up to you

Maybe it’s eating the right foods, or sticking with your walking routine. Maybe it’s being there for the people you love, or walking up the stairs without pain. 

No matter what ‘healthy’ means to you, Omada can support you getting there. With Omada, there is no food-shaming, calorie counting or boring meals. Your health coach and weekly lessons will teach you realistic ways to keep stress in check and how to exercise and get moving in a way that is enjoyable for you.

What you’ll get with Omada

  • Dedicated health coach
  • Wireless smart scale
  • Interactive weekly lessons

A totally different approach

Start healthy routines that fit your life with a plan built around what you love, what challenges you, and where you want help the most.

A science-based focus

It starts with your mindset—not what’s on your plate. Omada’s approach is proven to help you feel healthier for good, not just weeks at a time.

A team in your corner

Make healthy changes with a dedicated health coach and care team you can count on and a plan that adapts to you every step of the way.

Get started

Take the screening to see if you are eligible for Omada. Eligibility is assessed by your risk for type 2 diabetes. You’ll receive the program at no additional cost if you or eligible covered family members are enrolled in a King County medical plan, are at risk for type 2 diabetes, are 18 or older, and are accepted into the program.

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