2020 Worksite Fund application coming soon!

In 2019, Balanced You funded the second year of the Worksite Fund mini-grant, an opportunity for employees around the County to apply to make healthy changes in their workplace. Employees helped us learn about the work they do and shared creative ideas to improve health, well-being and safety at their worksites. Altogether, we received over 150 applications for trainings, team building exercises, kitchen upgrades and so much more.

Get inspired

In total, we funded 43 projects designed by and for employees across King County. Projects included a certified therapy dog to help employees reduce stress, self-defense classes to help employees feel safer, physical activity equipment and yoga classes to help employees move more, cooking demonstrations that celebrated employees’ cultures, and updates to kitchens and quiet rooms. Check out the slideshow below for 2019 Worksite Fund highlights.

Get ready

The Balanced You Worksite Fund is back for its third year. Improvements made to the 2020 Worksite Fund include an easier online submission form and a longer project implementation period.

Beginning in mid-February, employees will have the opportunity to learn more about the project and apply. Previous applicants are also encouraged to re-apply. So start connecting with colleagues and brainstorming ways you’d like to create positive change in your workplace this year!

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Look for the 2020 Worksite Fund launch soon. Contact the Balanced You team at 206-263-9626 or BalancedYou@kingcounty.gov with questions or suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.



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