2019 Balanced You Worksite Fund recipients

The Balanced You Worksite Fund is a competitive grant process brought to you by the Balanced You team, located in King County’s Department of Human Resources. The Worksite Fund is another way King County is Investing in YOU to build a culture that supports the health, well-being, and safety of all employees.

This year marked the Worksite Fund’s second year. We received over 150 applications totaling almost $580,000 in requests. That’s an over 50% increase in applications and an 81% increase in funds requested compared to 2018!

In 2019, we are investing just over $100,000 in 43 projects reaching worksites throughout the County. In addition to awarding applications with Worksite Fund dollars, Balanced You partnered with your leadership to identify additional funding to help bring your projects to life.

It was exciting to see so many great applications! Applications were reviewed and recommended for funding by a team of 23 employees, including employees from the Office of Labor Relations; Department of Human Resources; Office of Equity & Social Justice; Benefits, Payroll, and Retirement Operations; Performance, Strategy, and Budget; Public Health; Office of Assessments; Metro Transit; Facilities Management Division; and Risk Management.

Common types of projects funded included:

    • Kitchen upgrades, supplies, appliances
    • Training (nutrition, yoga, mental health)
    • Team building and recreation activities
    • Physical activity equipment and supplies
    • Creation of wellness spaces
    • Implementation of water bottle filling stations

See the list below to learn more about the 2019 Balanced You Worksite Fund recipients.

We intend to offer the Worksite Fund opportunity again in early 2020. Eligible projects that did not receive funding in this round are welcome to reapply. While the Worksite Fund opportunity is now closed for 2019, Balanced You supports employees in many ways throughout the year.  Contact balancedyou@kingcounty.gov to learn more.

                                   2019 Balanced You Worksite Fund Recipients
         Agency      Project Name   Project Summary        Geography
Black and African Employee Group



Agape Fit Queens and Kings


Culturally-competent physical, financial, and mental health series. MultIple


Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention


KC DAJD-CCD To Health and Beyond


Pedometers and fitness competitions. Downtown
Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention


Prevent Defensive Tactics Training Injury with Joint Stabilization Classes


A train-the-trainer program to prevent soft tissue injuries. Multiple


Department of Assessments Exploring Wellness Opportunities in the Work Environment Under-desk ellipticals. Downtown
Department of Assessments Exercise for Health Non-gym exercise equipment and ping-pong table. South
Department of Elections A team that moves together, improves together Yoga classes and ping pong table. Downtown
Department of Executive Services


Fight Fast Food for Facilities


Breakroom updates including cooking equipment, plates, etc. Multiple
Department of Executive Services


FMD Bike Downtown Project Initiative


Bike share for FMD staff. Downtown
Department of Executive Services


Sharing Culture through Cooking Demonstrations, Recipes, and Stories


Healthy cooking demonstrations that celebrate staff’s cultures and traditions. Downtown
Department of Human Resources


Building Bridges and Healing Community


Training for DHR staff to use art and story-telling to address inequity. Multiple
Department of Human Resources


Career and Culture Division, Thriving Culture


Retreat to define team culture, reduce stress, and improve work/life balance.


Department of Local Services


Permitting Wellness Retreat


Retreat with training on how to move more at work and relieve stress.


Department of Local Services


Roads Lounge


Wellness room to encourage relaxation and social connection.


Department of Natural Resources and Parks


Learning Self-Defense Together!


Self-defense class that includes some physical activity and at-home empowerment homework.




Department of Natural Resources and Parks


Host Peacemaking Circle Introductory Training Workshop


Peacemaking Circle training as a strategy for resolving workplace conflict. Downtown
Department of Public Defense


Reducing Stress at Public Defense


Onsite yoga classes, onsite mindfulness training, and meditation and mindfulness CDs.


Department of Public Health


Let’s Move Eastgate


Small exercise equipment and room divider. East
Department of Public Health


Bringing the Outside In


Lights and plants to improve environment.


Department of Public Health


Building Connections and Welcoming Spaces


Unnatural Causes DVD, projector, television, and seats. South
Department of Public Health


Office Environment Improvement Project


Air purifier and plants to improve air quality and environment in shared office space. Downtown
Department of Public Health


Bupe Pathways Reflective Supervision


Facilitated retreat and training to improve mental health and reduce secondary trauma. Downtown
King County District Court Auburn Courthouse Mental Recharge / Serenity Room Create a new relaxation / quiet room, including massage chair. South
King County District Court Bringing Visual and Physical Tranquility to Call Center Artwork, mural, standing mats, light therapy lamps, and water bottle station to improve call center. West
King County District Court Iron Chef Clerk Challenge Iron chef challenge focused on healthy foods representative of employees’ cultures. West
King County District Court Wishing on a Star Under-desk ellipticals and mobility / strength kits. South
King County District Court KCDC Shoreline Water bottle service, stress balls, and standing / anti-fatigue mats. North
King County Information Technology


RYT 200 course


Yoga teacher training to continue providing free yoga classes to employees.


King County Sheriff’s Office


Communications Center Wellness Room


Massage chair and zen garden to improve mental health.


King County Sheriff’s Office


First Responder Mental Health and Wellness conference


Conference to support mental health and reduce secondary trauma for first responders. Multiple
Legislative Branch Shared Hospital Grade Breast Pump for the Legislative Branch Breast pump that can be used by multiple users. Downtown


Hygiene Kits


Sanitizer, wipes, caution tape, gloves, and plastic bags for bus operators. Multiple
Metro Better You, Better Me Kitchen appliances update and nutrition workshop. Downtown


Ethiopian Transit Operators Social Advancement


Social connection event. Multiple


SB Operations-Pool Table


Pool table refurbishment. South
Metro Mobile Exercise Space Mobility and strength kits. Downtown


Field Office Restoration Project


Paint walls, fix cabinets and floor, and replace refrigerator.




Bottled Water Filling Station


Water bottle filling station. East


Equity Training for New Job Opportunities


Ipads and other technology to provide trainings and help staff access county health information.




Quiet/Wellness Room Upgrade and Fridge


Refrigerator and chaise lounge to upgrade wellness room and kitchen.




Ergonomic Training and Assessments


Ergonomic training and educational materials for bus operators and vehicle maintenance staff. Downtown


CIO Rejuve Room


Wellness room for staff. Downtown
Prosecuting Attorney’s Office


Therapy Dog to Assist Secondary Trauma


Therapy dog to reduce secondary trauma for staff. Downtown
Prosecuting Attorney’s Office


Relaxation/Lactation Room


Wellness and lactation room for staff. Downtown




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