Learn about the Benefit Access Fee

Do you cover a spouse or state-registered domestic partner on your King County medical plan? If so, a monthly Benefit Access Fee may apply, depending on the medical plan you choose and your employee benefit group. Select a Benefit Access Fee, or exemption, each year during Open Enrollment, Nov. 1–15.

Benefit Group Monthly Benefit Access Fee
Regular Employees $0 SmartCare (Kaiser)

$0 KingCare Select (Regence)

$100 KingCare (Regence)

ATU 587 Employees $75 SmartCare (Kaiser)

$75 KingCare Select (Regence)

$150 KingCare (Regence)

Deputy Sheriff Employees $0 SmartCare (Kaiser)

$75 KingCare (Regence)

TEA-DOT Employees $0 SmartCare (Kaiser)

$90 KingCare (Regence)

Benefit Access Fee exemptions:

If your benefit group and medical plan have a Benefit Access Fee, it automatically applies each year. This monthly pre-tax payroll deduction begins in January. If you qualify for one of the following exemptions to the Benefit Access Fee, you must select it every year during Open Enrollment:

  • You are opting out of King County medical coverage.
  • You choose not to cover your spouse/domestic partner.
  • Your spouse/partner is a King County benefits-eligible employee.
  • Your spouse/domestic partner does NOT have access to medical coverage through their own employer.

If you later notify the Benefits team that you qualify for an exemption and would like to discontinue the Benefit Access Fee, that change will be made going forward, but fees already deducted will not be refunded.

For more information, go to Open Enrollment, call 206-684-1556, or email KC Benefits.


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